Nothing is as certain as an ever-changing and confusing income tax code. Tax Gator Financial Service offers help. Tax Gator Financial Service's Basic Income Tax classes educate the public about the latest tax changes, and every facet of individual income tax preparation. No prior tax experience is necessary to enroll and take the class. Enroll and you'll be on the way to freedom from the complexity of income tax regulations and the pursuit of a new career!

The curriculum is designed to cover the fundamentals of basic income tax preparation. With Tax Gator's Basic Income Tax Course, instructors cover all schedules, credits and forms that can be filed with an individual tax return. Students apply their tax knowledge to prepare taxes both on paper and using the computer. The only cost may be a minimal charge for books.

Please choose from the traditional classroom setting or, for your convenience, we have online courses as well.

Basic Income Tax Course (10-Weeks)

Tax Gator's Basic Income Tax Course begins the week after Labor Day. These courses can be offered in a 10-week, 8-week and 6-week timeframes. We have flexible morning and evening courses.

Online Tax Schools

Still can't find the time to attend Tax Gator's Tax School at one of our offices? You are in luck! We now offer our Basic Income Tax Course as well as others online. These classes are also available for replay if you cannot attend the live event. You can receive up to fifteen (15) hours of Continuing Education credits for completing our online courses and passing an exam.

Registration, Availability and Fees

You can contact your local Tax Gator Financial Service office to register. Call (866) 212-8414 to locate your closest Tax Gator Financial Service office. Or, you can register for tax school.

Tax Gator Tax Schools are tuition FREE. There may be a small fee for books, which may vary per market. Availability is based on classroom capacities per office.